Ed’s Trail

Ed’s Trail is located on Silver Star, a five-ridged mountain famous for its spectacular wildflower displays. Silver Star is named for the star shape formed by the five ridges when seen from an aerial view. The one-mile trail creates a loop trip to the Silver Star summit from the Road 4109 trailhead. Ed’s Trail runs along the inside of a ridge above Star Creek and provides dazzling views of Star Creek canyon. The view from the top of Ed’s Trail includes the big four cascade volcanic mountains: Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helen’s, and Mt. Rainier  The trail is routed through a natural rock arch and is open only to hikers. The trail is open from late spring to early autumn, as snow tends to linger on Silver Star peaks. Ed’s trail is a hiker only alternative to Silver Star 180, which is also accessible to mountain bikers and horseback riders.

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