Bluff Mountain

Bluff Mountain Trail begins on a ridge a few miles east of Silver Star Mountain and travels seven miles to the summit. It begins on an old forest road and climbs through craggy bluffs and wildflower-filled ridges. After two miles, the trail leaves the road and descends across Bluff Mountain. Here are offered majestic views of the Columbia River. The trail meanders through a fir forest and emerges at Little Baldy. There are rocky pinnacles left from when trail was blasted through rock. The 5.3 mile trail can also be hiked ascending to Silver Star from the opposite direction from the trail head 2 miles to the right off of Forest Service Road 41.

This extremely popular trail provides two options for hikers – an easy three mile round trip trail to a low viewpoint or a more difficult seven mile loop trail to the summit. The trailhead is located 12 miles east of the Bridge of the Gods in a large parking lot off of Highway 14. The trail affords views of the Columbia River Gorge before disappearing beneath a fir forest. Continue along for the seven-mile loop up into the high meadows, enjoying the Gorge and mountain views and wildflowers.

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