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When you were a kid, did you ever play the game of connecting dots to discover the “secret” picture after you had completed it? Well, that’s just about what Chinook Trail has been doing the past 10 years- connecting segments of trail, building the missing pieces so that one day we will achieve our secret picture, a unique rim-top trail encircling the Columbia River. This trail will provide challenges and respite from urban living that will, no doubt, become more and more necessary as population grows here in the Northwest.

There are no finer wildflower experiences than one can find atop Silver Star, Rowena Plateau or a host of other spots along the Chinook Trail route. There are places where the view is so grand; you wonder why anyone would ever feel the need to travel elsewhere to see beautiful vistas.

For the trail to become a reality, we know that we must have a partnership with the agencies whose land we traverse, and also with you, our supporters. We are looking forward to the future completion of this trail and your continued support in the Chinook Trail Association. The next segment of the picture needs your help.

Chinook Trail Association invites you to join our challenge of completing the dream. It may take many years; but it will be done, with the help of those who share a commitment to our vision.

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9 Responses to “Contact Us”

  • Robert Veeder says:

    I hiked tarbell today. When I got home I decided to look up ways to extend my hike when I came across you guys. It sounds like an amazing idea! My first question is have you completed the bells mtn to the pacific crest trail section? If so, how would I go about hiking this section? Do you have a map you can send me? If not, where do I sign up to volunteer?

  • gala Miller says:

    Hello Chinook Trails Association,

    I would like to send and invite to a Gifford Pinchot National Forest Volunteer Groups Summit on March 3rd. What is a good email address that I can use for this purpose?


    Gala Miller
    Community Engagement Specialist
    Gifford Pinchot National Forest
    360 891 5014

  • Maggie Scott says:


    We are interested in inviting Chinook Trails Association to an event and need an email address to send the information to.

    Thank you,


  • Steve Jones says:

    Hi Maggie,
    You can email us at:
    chinooktrails at (change the at to @)

  • Gregg hein says:

    Hello folks of the chinook trail!

    I’m going to be hiking the PCT this year and would love to hike the trail. I’ll do the trail as a briefer interlude to the longer trail. Is there a way to go a map set or maps so that I can plan. Looking forward to some route finding along your beautiful trail, sorely missed on the other. Other than your website, snorkels and all goods, where might I find more info on the trail. Any and all info is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the info.

    Cheers and all the best.
    Hope publicizing the trail goes well for you all this year. I’ll do my part.


  • Steve Jones says:

    Hi Gala,
    You can email us at:
    ctaoffice at (change the at to @)

  • Ryan Schreiner says:

    Hey, can someone e-mail me the Chinook Trails Association Logo for DNR?

  • Steve Jones says:

    Hi Ryan, I’ll send that out for you.
    Steve Jones

  • I have a blog post you might like and would like your email

    Hello, We have had so many great days hiking in the gorge and love your trail idea. I made a blog post the other day and thought you would like it.

    I’m hoping you can push it out on your social media.

    Thanks in advance,

    Larry Olson

    The Official Blog of Larry N. Olson Photographer – News and Announcements from Larry N. Olson

    Larry N. Olson.

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