Ellen Davis

Ellen Davis

Ellen Davis was born in North Carolina in 1903. Her family moved to San Francisco and Seattle before settling in Idaho’s northern panhandle. She learned to love the wilderness because walking was a necessary way to get wherever she needed to go in this remote part of Idaho. At age 94, she walks 10 miles and attends two exercise classes each week.

Davis moved to Vancouver in 1940 with her husband Charles. They enjoyed hiking mountain streams in the wilderness for fishing and picnic trips. Davis has hiked , Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens prior to 1980, to the false summit of Mt. Adams and has traversed Oregon and Washington coasts by trail. She is a charter member of the Minnehaha Garden Club and is active in various outdoor groups including the Audubon Society.

In 1989, with her help and the help of hundreds of others, a 2.6 mile trail connecting Minnehaha to Discovery Trail was completed. In 1991, the trail was named the Ellen Davis Trail in her honor. This multi-use recreational trail really gives the feeling that it’s for everyone. It is currently under the stewardship of the ESD 112 re-entry program.

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