Ed Robertson

Ed Robertson

Ed Robertson was a person who passionately cared about his family, his friends, his community. He participated actively in many community groups and contributed his knowledge and enthusiasm freely. His career as principal for Vancouver’s public schools was shortened due to a diagnosis of cancer in 1975. He remained very active in spite of contending with many years of chemotherapy and diminishing health.

¬†Ed found much pleasure in the wonders of nature. He loved to go huckleberry picking and he particularly loved wildflowers. He was an amateur botanist who spent countless hours striving to identify an “unknown” plant and probably photographed most of the flowers on Silver Star. Hiking was a way of life for him. He and Don Cannard shared a passion for hiking and, as a result, The Chinook Trail Association was born. Ed and Don’s shared vision would enable contemporaries and coming generations to experience what it means to respect, treasure and find pleasure in natural surroundings.

He also loved music, was a weaver who created many lovely pieces, and lived life joyfully and courageously.

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